How To Lose Muffin Top Fast Like I Did!

20 June, 2011 (21:21) | How To Lose Muffin Top Fast Like I Did! | By: Sandy Potter

I know, I know you are looking for a way to know how to lose muffin top fast just like I was a few short years ago. Well, don’t worry because I am going to tell you exactly how to lose muffin top in as little time possible and without you having to starve or do all those muffin top exercises.

Now that you know what I can show you let me show you how this is possible. When people like myself first notice they have a muffin top developing they either join a gym to start doing all those suggested exercises for muffin top reduction or go on a diet that makes them hungry and miserable…the issues I ran into based on my research with this is that neither of those ideas will actually help them lose the muffin top, the reason you have a muffin top is that you have too much body fat in your middle area, so you need to quickly reduce body fat in order to lose your muffin top fast.

The good news is that it is not nearly as hard or as difficult as you might think to reduce your body fat and get slimmer. All you need to do is simply start eating foods that actually help burn fat in your middle area. Believe it or not there really are foods that burn body fat without having to do anything radical. For myself when I learnt these basic facts allowed me to lose muffin top in a quick amount of time automatically and I’ve kept the muffin top away ever since.

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As I learned (and you should too) many foods that we are told are good for us actually are the cause of all the weight gain, in fact some of these foods/drinks actually slow our bodies from burning the fat and tell our bodies to store it as bad fat. These types of foods are helping cause your muffin top and other weight gains; orange juice, crackers, whole wheat pastas, butter alternatives, whole wheat breads and 99% of all salad dressings. You might be asking, ‘why’ are all these bad. Well it’s real simple, it’s because these and many other types of foods are high in sugar.

By consuming foods/drinks that are high in sugar will raise our common blood sugar levels and when this reaches a rejection level our bodies will release Insulin. The Insulin will then store our body fat, which then brings our sugar levels down super fast. This immediate drop in blood sugar levels will then cause us all to become hungry when we really should not be. This contributes as the number one reason why when you’re on one of those Hollywood fad diets we all seem so hungry.

Also, almost all of these how to lose muffin top fast diets out there tell you to not eat those dreaded carbohydrates, however our body needs carbohydrates to function. Research and real science tell us that there are good carbohydrates which burn fat the way they should and bad carbohydrates which store them as fat. You are probably wondering which types of foods contain the good carbs like I did after knowing this fact. Well, here are just some to start with; sweet potatoes, sprouted grain bread, rice, ALL fruits and veggies. You should never put any of the following foods in your mouth as they contain really high and bad carbohydrates; whole wheat bread, cereal, pasta and crackers.

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Ok, the next thing I am about to say will sound strange, but it’s true based on all my research and what I have learned during my quest on how to lose muffin top fast. Here goes: In order to lose the muffin top fat (and others) we need to actually eat fat! Like I said, to many of you that may not make sense but keep reading on as I explain. Understand that some fats that we consume actually cause out bodies to burn fat, but at the same time unfortunately there are other types of fats that cause our bodies to hold on to the fat and store it in places we hate. Like our muffin top areas. Here are just some of the foods I learned to avoid like the plague ; hydrogenated oils, margarine and all substitute butters. Now, let’s take a look at just some of the foods I have learned that are good for us and we should eat if you want to know how to lose muffin top fast; real butter, whole eggs, coconut oil, olive oil and of course those raw nuts most of us all love to snack on.

Dangerous types of foods would be the processed kinds of foods like microwaveable meals because they are high in additives and sugar which slows down our bodies natural fat burning machine and 100% causes us all to put on weight around the muffin top area. So, as an alternative start eating foods that are natural, like; steak, tomatoes, spinach, eggs, sweet potatoes, olive oil and many more foods are very beneficial to us. I have found that anyone can make pretty tasty meals from these and others while at the same time lose muffin top without doing muffin top exercises.

Most of my success in losing my own muffin top and getting lean comes from a simple diet solution program that taught me everything. From what foods I should be eating and which ones actually are causing my muffin top. It provided me with an easy list of incredibly tasty fat burning meals. Before I discovered this simple and long term effective program I would try sweating it out doing muffin top exercises and/or try starving myself with nasty tasting foods but would never lose my muffin top. After joining this one simple and effective targeted program my results were nothing short of an answer from heaven. I continued ate my regular portion size meals, did zero exercises for muffin tops and in my first ten days I had already lost 10 pounds. Within 30 days I no longer had a muffin top and had lost 28 pounds. The most important part for me was that this program had showed me a REAL way to keep it off forever and I know you can too with the right knowledge.

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